Many boaters on the inland waterways of the UK have taken up the hobby of ‘boat-tuber’. This is where they take a bunch of video and post it on YouTube, sometimes creating very high-quality content. Some of them are former TV professionals, and a few could (and maybe do) make a very good living at it. Most are just fun to watch, a good way to pass some of the time away from the boat while waiting for the snow to fly.

I have no illusions about my artistic ability or have much interest in taking video of everything I do in order to post it online. However, I do have some bits of video that I’ve taken over the last three years aboard, and have posted some of it on YouTube just for fun.

My latest is a combination of time-lapse taken with a Go-Pro mounted on the bow, and a Google Earth track downloaded from a GPS app that I use to record my course (and find the upcoming pubs).

When cruising along the canals, it’s often impossible to know what’s just beyond the trees or hedge that line the banks. The Google Earth view is quite interesting, I’m going to try to get a real-time view of it next season so I’ll know when something interesting or scenic lies just beyond the green border.

Check it out (along with my other minimal offerings) at:

I’m still working on the technical aspects, for some reason I can’t get the resolution up. It just goes black. There’s also a scratch on the lens of the GoPro which I’ll fix that next year.

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  1. Very slick. You mentioned future real-time view. Didn’t know that was possible. If so, you could look for empty mooring spots or other boats around a blind corner…

    1. That would be cool! No, when I said real-time I meant I’d try running Google Earth or another mapping app with a satellite view (rather than just a map).

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