It’s been quite a while since I’ve added to the blog and now that the ski season is well underway, I thought it was time. It’s been a good season so far, plenty of snow and decent temperatures. The abundance of ‘covid rules’ have made it somewhat different but we’re all trying very hard to cooperate and just stay open.

I’ve been following the happenings in England, and on the canals specifically of course. There’s been some interesting weather over there lately, torrential rains and significant snowfall. Many of the rivers in the Midlands, and some of the canals, have flooded, causing plenty of issues. My savior from last September, Heather (you’ll remember she got me though the locks on the day I broke some ribs) was evacuated from her boat to a hotel when the marina she was in rose to very near it’s maximum. She’s back aboard for now with no serious damage, thank goodness.

Cool Change is out of the water and up on blocks which eases my mind somewhat. Phil and Angela are keeping an eye on things at the marina (their boat is there) and I have a camera inside so I’ll get notifications if it starts to float away (I hope). I’m pretty sure the Llangollen Canal drains adequately to handle an excess of water. There have been breaches below on the Shropshire Union canal, causing some stretches to drain and leave a few boats high and dry (as well as blocking movement on the canal) until it’s fixed. The entire canal didn’t drain as there are places to insert planks to block it off, and usually a lock will prevent too much loss of water. However the floodwaters still have to go somewhere so hopefully the bywashes and other systems don’t get overwhelmed.

I’m sending good wishes to all my friends in Canada and on the cut (including the ones I haven’t met yet). I’m hoping to be back for some cruising this year but if not, it’ll be all the sweeter next year! Take care everyone, and be safe… (it’s mandatory to say that, right? But I do mean it).

Aaaannnddd… here are some shots of what I’ve been up to…

Skiing with The Boy. The very best thing in my whole world.
At least we’ve got snow!
Truly a beautiful place to live
Trying to get all artsy
Feeling the spirit of the season!
View of my home from the chairlift
Best friends having the best time

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  1. Thanks so much for the update, Doug and the photos are excellent! I think if you often as I drive down Martindale Road to my newest favourite haunt… Brigadoon Golf Course!

    1. Thanks Joy! I go down there now and then to visit Dale and Peggy (but not often enough!). I might be around town more this year if the travel restrictions continue, we should get together for a catch-up.

      1. Hi Doug, I did wonder if you ever came back to town. A catch up would be lovely – I think we’ve got a life time to catch up on, but that sounds like fun! 😊

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