Some might have noticed my lack of words lately. Here’s the story…

I was very fortunate to meet up with several friends, quite by chance really, while in the Braunston area. I spent a few days cruising onto the Oxford Canal with Martyn and Amanda, and then had some laughs with Guy and Rose, and finally a great pub visit with my nephew Eric and his family Lisa and Tilley. It was all fantastic, but I managed to make it not last.

One of the things I repeat to myself constantly is to be careful in locks. I’m usually by myself, in the middle of nowhere, and quite vulnerable. This day I ignored that… First thing in the morning, remote lock, wet surfaces, etc etc.

To make a stupid story stupider, I did a glorious swan dive from the roof of the boat, landing chest-first on to the stern railing and busting some ribs.

The doctor vaguely pointed out these points as possible breaks. There’s actually also one low down and around my back, of all places…

If you’ve never done this, DON’T! I’ve had a few injuries, mostly skiing, some doing other silly things. but this is the most pain-in-the-ass injury ever. Almost impossible to do anything without cringing with pain. And sneezing is now my mortal enemy. I’m sure glad it’s not hay fever season.

One of the worst parts was that I was at the beginning of a long day of locks, the first of 22. I managed through a few, slowly, before being caught up by another boat. Once they realized why I so slow at working the locks, they came to my rescue. Heather mostly, leaving her brother-in-law Brian to help with her own boat. She did all the locks for me, all day! Refused to let me get off the boat. What a champ… Got me to Nantwich where Phil helped me through the final four the next day to my winter mooring location.

That’s it then, just chilling in the marina where I have everything close at hand and easy (water, food, power, etc). No locks for a while.

I want to thank everyone for all the help. Brian and Heather for getting me through the locks. Phil and Angela, you’re always there for me. Eric & Lisa, Guy & Rose, Martyn & Amanda, and everyone else that have offered so much help.

My rescuers! Thank you again.

And here are some pictures just because…

Todd, what a good boi


17 Replies to “Helped by new friends and old”

  1. Oh Doug, Ouch!!! Be careful my friend, I want you back in one piece. Lovely place to get better through. Gentle hugs from me


      1. It sounds like you have some pretty awesome people that you meet along your journey. That was quite the spectacular dismount from the roof by the sounds of it, perhaps not one to do again I’m sure!!! Hope you are healing up quickly πŸ˜„

  2. Thank god you okay Doug ,what a painful accident!it’s so so refreshing to have really good People surrounding you! I love all those people and a big thank-you! Keep spreading the Love

  3. Take care of yourselfπŸ’•Sorry to hear of your injuries! Glad you have friends that helped you out. Stay safe get better really soonπŸ˜πŸ’•πŸ’•

  4. I was just thinking that you hadn’t posted anything in a while. That looks painful! So glad it wasn’t worse. Be safe, and heal quickly.

  5. So sorry to hear about your injury, Doug. I was wondering why we hadn’t heard anything for ages. Take care and stay safe.

    1. Thanks Joy, I’m on the mend. I couldn’t even sit at the computer for quite a while! Hope all is well with you?

  6. I cracked a rib once and a new age acquaintance convinced me there was a nerve in the webbing/joint between the thumb and forefinger that if you massaged it, it would make incipient sneezes disappear. I was so desperate I tried it. It worked. Now it may just be psychological, but it continues to work to this day so… give it a try? I twinge in sympathy…

  7. Oh dear, I cant get the imagine of you doing a swan dive out of my head, take care, no more tricks for awhile, lots of turns to be made this winter.

    Bitter sweet news for us, Bear Lodge 111 sold!!! So many great memories but it was time. We will be on the slopes though, just hate putting my boots on in the parking lot with the rest of the tourists hahahahah……

    See you soon

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