I think I’m going to have to revert back to “this sooo awesome!!” mode for a while. I’ve been moving a lot, not doing much sightseeing or taking too many pictures. I’ve simply been revelling in movement, not being confined to four walls any longer. One of the best parts of this is that I’m able to be out without endangering myself or anyone else (at least as much as possible in this weird world). I’m not going to pubs or restaurants, I’m not going into shops except for essentials, and I’m not getting close to anyone. That’s actually pretty easy to do on the canals, it’s only at locks that there’s any chance of close encounters and it seems that we’re all pretty aware.

Now this might seem like it’s dimishing the enjoyment of the canal system, and I suppose it is. However, if I compare it to what I’d be doing back in Sidney, it’s fantastic. I had only just begun mountain biking before I left, and I am anxious to do more of that as I really enjoyed it, but if was back there I’d only be staying home, fattening the curve (no, that’s not a typo).

Okay, here’s today’s adventure. As I mentioned previously, I’m on the Ashby Canal. It’s a short (22 mile) section that connects to the Coventry Canal. It used to go further, to the coal mines around Moira, but the northern sections were progressively shut down due (at least in part) to subsidence as the coal under it was extracted. Several miles of old canal are being restored north of Snarestone, hopefully this will be completed in the near(ish) future.

Snarestone winding hole, the end of the navigable Ashby
Beyond the winding hole where the restoration is occurring

Along the Ashby is a village that many will recognize, Market Bosworth. If that name seems familiar, it’s near a notorious battle of the War of the Roses (no, not the movie) in 1485. In fact, this is the location of the last significant battle, where Henry Tudor defeated and killed Richard III in the Battle of Bosworth Field. As a further reminder, Richard III’s body was found a few years ago under a car park in Leicester.

Somewhere out there was the Battle of Bosworth Field. The actual location is still being debated…

Unfortunately, the Visitor Centre is presently closed, as are the guided walks around the area. I might have to return when things get back to normal, I’d love to explore more. This had seemed like a highlight of coming up the Ashby Canal but I guess I should have expected it.

Oh, and here’s how NOT to go through a tunnel…

It turns out the breaker for my tunnel light was off. It didn’t trip, I had just missed it when turning them all on when I first came aboard. Going the other way was a bit more organized. The damn bend in the middle didn’t help but it’s pretty wide so all was well…



Just a bit back from where I’m moored up I saw this through the trees, if anyone’s interested…


I’m including this big fellow’s picture because, well, I’m a juvenile. He just seemed so proud of himself in his field full of cows and their calves.



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  1. Doug, we just found out something important and quite significant today. It turns out that this marina is a private marina but built under the old regulations where the water is considered privately owned, and as such, you are technically off the water (the same as if you were on the ‘hard’.) As such, boats are not required to be licensed when in the marina. The officials can come and check licensing on boats in public or newer marinas, but not in this one. So instead of renewing licence for the year, we will let it expire at the end of the year, and start it up again when we return. A big saving! New furnace and solar panels installed. Painting finished on our boat, LED lights going in tomorrow, cleaning done inside and moving aboard in the morning. Being measured for a box to go on top tomorrow morning. Going up on the ‘hard’ Friday to get power washing and blacking done. Curtains and cushions finished next week sometime.

    1. Wow, it’s going to be like new! I knew about the licencing but since I have it on the hard over winter anyway, it doesn’t affect me. Remember to let CRT know when you’re off the system or they’ll assume you haven’t paid and try to come after you.

    1. The bend in the tunnel made it a bit worse but it was quite wide so not really a problem.

  2. Nice Doug, glad you are making good progress despite the mad world around you……and that bull’s well…um….. Err……intimidating?……leave that there eh mate!? Enjoy.

  3. Great pictures and videos. The unlit tunnel is quite the adventure, definitely prefer the tunnel with the headlight on !!
    I have to agree, the bull does seem quite proud of himself!!!! Hope the weather is staying sunny for you:)

    1. Thanks Jennifer, things were pretty wet today but the forecast (for what it’s worth) says a bit of sun over the next few days…

  4. “A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse!” That’s Richard III, right? I watched a special about how his body was found. Super interesting (for nerds). Thanks for sharing your adventures. I’m still living in the very small bubble of my house and yard.

    1. Hi! Good to hear from you. Yes, he was found under a car park in Leicester, when I went through there last year I was hoping to go see him but there was no moorings! (not actually sure where he is now).

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