Well, things are about as back to normal as can be expected. I’m not going to talk (much) about how different things are, I’ll just say that people are very calm and mostly cooperative with the rules over here. It’s not quite like nothing’s happening but close, once out on the canals,

So. I left the marina and headed straight to Natwich. It’s a beautiful town and my good friends live there. Stayed a couple of days and had my first pub meal! Fish and chips, of course.


When I left there I really got down to business. I’ve spent so long sitting in one place, whether it was on the mountain, in Sidney, or in the marina, I couldn’t wait to really move. So that’s what I’ve been doing. Not a lot of stopping to see any sights, just enjoying being somewhere different every day. I think once I’ve got it out of my system I’ll stop and smell some roses.

Now, for some readers (you know who you are), here’s the route I’ve been taking, in terms of the towns and villages rather than the canals:

Nantwich, Audlem, Market Drayton, Norbury, Gnossall Heath, Wheaton Aston, Brewood (pronounced Brood because, well of course it is), outskirts of Wolverhampton, Four Ashes, Penkridge, Acton Trussell, Walton-on-the-hill (outskirts of Stafford), Great Haywood, Rugeley, Handsacre, Fradley, Tamworth, and Atherstone.

Whew. And lots of spots in between, as long as the canal runs through them.

The weather has certainly cooperated since I’ve been moving. Not a lot of rain, mostly perfect temperatures until the last couple of days. It’s damn hot now. Had an amazing lightning display off to the north last night, and there’s hints of another tonight.

Okay, it’s a few days later… I’ve still been travelling like crazy, not stopping except to eat and sleep. Well, that’s an exaggeration but I have been putting the miles in. I’ve made it to the Ashby Canal, which was one of my goals since I’ve not been on it before and I’ve heard good things. It’s seems very nice so far, nothing special but that might be because the weather has turned. Rainy, cool, and windy. It’s much more rural than most of the areas I’ve been through lately, which I like. There’s still a couple of days to go on it so we’ll see. I’ve done some calculating and I’m well ahead of whatever schedule I had in the back of my mind, so I might slow down along here…






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  1. Always enjoyed the Ashby, probably because its lock free but some nice views and decent hostelries along the way. Hope you enjoy it.

  2. Wow, you certainly have been on the move! I recognize a few of the places you’ve passed through. The thunder and lightening show seemed pretty spectacular! Hope you are enjoying the views as you travel, keep the pictures coming!!

      1. Glad to see you’re making the most of your time on the water.
        You may remember chatting with us (NB The Clayoquot Raven) below Cholmomdeston Lock in early August?

  3. Glad to hear you are enjoying your travels😍stay safe and healthy. We had another thunder and lightning event Sunday nightβ€”Several lightening strikes starting fires around Nanaimo. Cliff and I doing well. Staying at home a lotβ€” gardening and such. Off to the beach with our lunch some days. Take good careπŸ’•

    1. Thanks! As cool as W3W is, they probably shouldn’t have used tenses and plurals. Having said that, of I’d written ‘populated’ instead of ‘populates’ it would have put me in the Scottish Highlands. Someone might have believed that. India (using ‘populate’)? Nope.

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