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  1. With mushy peas! Not enough chips in our opinion, Doug. We leave our isolation tomorrow Aug 17 (my birthday, as it happens). However we are staying another night at the Bubble Inn, as Sandy is redoing a very badly done job from a friend who scraped and put on an undercoat on our bedroom walls and ceiling. We have happened across an old friend of mine here – she played Adelaide in one of my productions of Guys and Dolls (35 years ago) – and now lives in Derby. She has been driving me around picking up supplies and bedding etc. I also had a very good line on a seamstress who is making new curtains and lounge seating for us. She drove me to that too. That will be ready next week and we will finish the cleanup inside and go for a few bicycle rides. They have been a real boon, Doug, and I urge you to reconsider purchasing one. Such freedom!
    We will track your progress and maybe catch up with you somewhere in September or October.
    Cheers from your other Canucks on the cut,

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