The ski season is done. I can now start concentrating on getting retired and packed! What a great season it’s been, spent with the best people around. Leaving them and the mountain in April is always bittersweet but I know from previous experience that when I see them again in December it’ll be like no time has passed. We’ll ask how our summer was, we’ll say you look great, we’ll complain/cheer about the snow and then go for coffee after two runs.

Preparations for leaving to the UK are well underway. I’ve got several mounds of clothes and electronics ready to sort through and squeeze into not enough suitcases. I’ve got tickets to the Crick Boat Show (and a tenting site). I’ve got a broker keeping an eye out for likely boats, and I’ve got a few that I want to see right away. If they’re still available, that is. They are still coming on the market regularly but selling just as quickly. I’m hopeful that I’ll find something in a reasonable amount of time.

Leaving work will be equally bittersweet. Not seeing those people (more of the best in the world) or going to sea is a tough one. I’ve not just worked with many of them, I’ve lived with them, sometimes for weeks at a time at sea. In quite closes quarters as well. I feel very close to them, and wish them all well in the future. Seriously, Good Luck in the government! I hope and plan to keep in touch with most. At least the cafeteria is open to the public, I can still drop by (but I’m NOT getting a visitor’s pass, and I’m parking wherever the hell I feel like).

Just a note, I’ve started a Facebook page for more immediate posting. It’s Canuck OnTheCut. Nothing there yet but I think it’s supposed to populate with blog posts (and I’ll be adding stuff as it happens).

Thanks for signing up, I like feeling like we’re still in touch!