The big day has come and gone. I’m no longer a contributing member of society, I’m now scrounging off the system, expecting things to be handed to me, and learning to drive without seeing over the wheel. And I’m going to start doing my grocery shopping at 5 o’clock.

On the narrowboat front, things might be happening. I’ve found a boat that I really like, had it checked out by a broker that I’ve been working with, and just might make an offer. As I will need to add stuff like solar panels and extra batteries, I’ll need to get it at a great price but it’ll be worth it, even if sight-unseen. A bit of a gamble but the survey will protect me from most big issues. I just hope I don’t get claustrophobia from the tight confines. I’ve never been on, or in, a narrowboat.

Here’s what she looks like:


Inside is beautiful, it’s what sold me:



If the sale goes through, more pictures will follow. I’m not convinced this is a good idea but there’re so few boats right now, and they sell so quickly, that I’m ready to go ahead with this (if the Price is Right). Holding my breath….

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