Someone once told me that pounds were hard to shed. In fact, right now they’re hard to acquire! Not hard so much as expensive. Sort of like a backwards mail-order diet plan. Wow, the Canadian dollar is tanking compared to the pound. Oh well, I’m sure it’ll go the other way someday. Hopefully not when I’m selling the boat but…whatever.

So, after lots of back and forth in my mind, I finally decided to exchange about half of what I’ll need. I figure I’ll average up (or down) and just hope for the best. It’ll make a significant difference what boat I’m able to buy so if any of my friends that want to come and enjoy the canals with me are disappointed about sleeping on the floor of the lounge, sorry!

This has been the most ‘exciting’ part so far (read: stressful). Waiting on hold while watching the value of the Canadian dollar drop by the minute isn’t a great way to spend a morning. Especially when it’s sunny out and skiing is awesome. I did manage to get some good runs in and visit with friends (pub time). So with this life, there’s no complaining allowed, right? (see Jenny, I heard you!).

Now when exchanging money, here’s what I’ve learned… Don’t worry too much about getting a great rate! It’ll be what it is. I lost a bunch of money by waiting too long, but it could have easily gone the other way. Unless you’re an expert on global financial matters and world politics, there’s almost no way of knowing. Having said that, I have checked forecasts from various banks and financial experts and they all seem to agree that things will just be getting worse through 2018. So that’s why I’m starting converting now. I’ve left some in case the upcoming EU council meeting (Mar. 22) changes things for the better. Can’t get too much worse! (I know, yes it can). Now I’m changing my boat search parameters to lower numbers. Smile

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  1. You’re going to have an awesome trip no matter the rate! So jealous! Looking forward to following along!

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