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    1. Thanks! I wish I could remember the dog’s name, it was the ‘lock dog’, just hung around all day getting attention from every passing boat!

      1. We call the dogs and cats who hang around farms, walks etc. meeter and greeters! So many animals love to see strangers and welcome them to their habitat. Lovely photos Doug. See you next year here or there in Canada xxx

    1. Thanks Tony, I was wondering who the other one was! It wasn’t super brief, I was there in April so got well over 3 months. Briefer then usual but not bad. Covered lots of distance and saw some iconic locations.

  1. That means you must have 3 readers, as there’s me too!!
    Great pictures Doug; hope it’s a longer visit next year where we can all meet up; even James is saying he might venture out in the boat!
    Some sad news though; we had to say goodbye to our beloved Suzie a month ago; we’re bereft and the house and our lives seem so empty without her. We’re trying to adjust to our new life without her; but as each day passes; although we’re almost getting used to her not being here; we miss her more and more every day. We were blessed to have had her in our lives for 9 precious years; she bought us so much joy; so much unconditional love and we’re left with so many precious memories… However it does remind you how time is precious; our lives brief; especially those of our four legged friends.

  2. What do you know? You have at least four readers! I still enjoy getting your updates, and also share your news with Mike and Mariela. So glad you’re doing well.

    1. Jennifer! How are you?? Really good to hear from you, glad you’re still creeping me! Give my best to the whole crew…

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