Interesting sundial; stand on the month and your shadow shows the hour
Lord and Lady Leverhulme’s sarcophagi
Still a school, and still encouraging reading!
Hand in the lion’s mouth for luck!

6 Replies to “Port Sunlight. Yes, like the soap…”

  1. That is just… wow… enlightened capitalism at its best. Those workers must have thought themselves so lucky to work for Lever that they would never want to leave. Bet they didn’t have too many strikes in his day.
    Wonder what happened to their housing arrangements when they resigned or retired? Did they have to move elsewhere in the country?
    So you are (or have been) in Liverpool. Where next on your journey?

    1. I think they could stay after retirement. It was still employees only until into the 1980s, then they began selling to others…

    2. The boat is laid up now for the winter. The weather wasn’t getting better (July suuucked) and I had stuff to do back home so I’m actually in Canada again. That’ll be another post!

  2. So interesting about Port Sunlight! I like the outside loos, and understand there are thousands still in England. I met an older lady many years ago living in London who rented one of the many Council Houses built in 1945 by the government, to help get people into homes after the war. She had an outside loo.

    The rent was set and remained artificially low, as long as no structural changes were made to the house. She had modernized the interior, but couldn’t install an inside toilet; a small inconvenience to allow her to keep paying a fraction of what she otherwise would have had to pay if she had given up the house. She never planned to move, and probably died there.

    I agree about the weather, Doug. Also, we had to retrace our steps from our original plan to navigate the Leeds and Liverpool, because of broken locks, vandalism, and in some cases, low water. We didn’t want to get stuck!

    We cycled up the Narrow Huddersfield Canal to inspect it, but it too, had problems further on so we retraced our steps back to Stenson Marina, where we keep our boat. As we don’t go home until September, we’re heading over to France to visit a cousin and then some villages in the Loire Valley – renting bicycles, then down to Paris for the last few days before heading back on the Eurostar and home.
    Next year maybe we’ll get the hot weather over here instead of in Victoria/Sidney!
    Hilary and Sandy

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