It’s been a quick passage from summer boating to winter skiing. The ski season is rapidly waning although my favourite time is approaching, spring! Spring skiing normally (and hopefully) consists of sunny days and soft (“corn”) snow followed by cold and freezing nights. Fast in the morning, forgiving hero snow in the afternoons… weeee!

We’ve had a great season overall, although some strange weather patterns have been through. Very wet through Christmas, foggy in January, dry most of February, then real winter for the first part of March. Finally got some very good powder days, some sunshine, and some very large crowds on weekend! All-in-all, another great season.

Now it’s time to start looking forward to being off-mountain. Robbie’s convocation is in June so I’ll be attending that! I’m very proud of his accomplishments at Carleton, Honours Biology (with a concentration in Health Sciences). Just had to one-up me! Hard-earned and well deserved. Also have to start planning my route when I get back on the canals. Do I go north or south?

Finally, here are some pictures to show a sample of the what I get up to each day up here. Enjoy!

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    1. So sorry! I hope you’re doing okay… Keep on following the blog, hopefully it’ll give a bit of a distraction for you.

  1. Hi Doug,
    Sandy and I were pondering the same thing – this year we have decided to go North, via Lincoln and York; not sure where after that. My family and I did this 35 years ago, and it’s certainly worth another visit. We’re leaving Canada June 7th; back Sept 4th.
    Maybe see you on the Cut sometime?

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