I’m now back in Canada and so begins the loooong wait for the snow to fly. The end of the boating season on the canals came a bit earlier than normal as I was anxious to get home. I think the timing worked out well, the nice weather over there ended just after my departure but the summer continued over here for another month.

Once I returned to the boat from Edinburgh, I had another covid-postponed event to attend. On my first visit to the Shropshire Union Canal in 2019 I happened to stop in Nantwich. Just by chance it was the weekend they were holding the Nantwich Food Festival and I thoroughly enjoyed the many (many!) stalls and pop-up restaurants spread throughout the town. Actually, over the three days I was there I ate far too much but completely fell in love with the area. It is picturesque, friendly, and provides all the amenities a boater needs. And finally, the festival has returned. Yum!

Of course, such an event is always much better with good friends!

While I was in Nantwich I got word that Guy and Rose (more boating friends that long-time readers might remember) would be passing through on their boat. It was so good to see them and have a visit.

Finally, all was prepared with the boat. Roof cleared, clothes and linens bagged, fridge emptied, and damson and sloe gin and vodka bottled! Ready to head to the airport…

The train system in the UK is going through some problems these days. Labour issues and staff shortages are causing many schedule changes and cancellations (I had one cancelled about 5 minutes after the scheduled departure time, while we were all sitting aboard). Although there are always complaints I’ve found it to be efficient, fast, and convenient. This time however, I was sufficiently uncertain of getting to the airport on time that I wasn’t sure what to do. Luckily, a friend offered to drive me directly, although it necessitated booking a hotel near Gatwick. As with so many things, this turned out to be a serendipitous change as I was able to have a visit with Bob and Cate, friends from my 2018 cruise to Bath. Readers of the blog may remember their anniversary party at the end of last season, the Murder Mystery at Epsom Downs. It was fantastic to catch up with them. Interestingly, when I first met Bob and Cate, they were on Guy and Rose’s boat and we all spent several days travelling together.

It’s always a bit of a wrench for me to leave the boat and the canals. I’ve come to really feel at home there, become comfortable living in such a small space and so simply. Having said that, returning home has so many of it’s own joys. Now more than ever…

Coming home early enough to have summer left meant I could go up the mountain with friends and family, go boating on our magnificent waters, and of course, spend more time with Rianne! We’re hoping and planning to spend time on the narrowboat together next year.

Amazing good-bye from Angela.
Thank you!
Brah, do you even lift?
Not feeling it but I’ll take the spot!

In the meantime, ski season is approaching! I look forward to sharing pictures and stories through the winter. Please stay tuned…

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  1. Glad to hear that you are home safely! I have loved reading all about this summer’s adventures on the canals and your trip to Edinburgh! The photos and videos are awesome!
    The weather is forecasted to bring snow to the Sea to Sky highway on Thursday. We could be in for an early start to winter!❄️
    Love from your cousin, Cher

  2. Shame we didn’t catch up. Tbh, I think we may have seen each other at some stage but not recognised each other! One day …

    What a wonderfully rich and varied life you enjoy. You are blessed. Have a fabulous winter. Barry & Sandra

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