It’s been a bit of a mixed bag over here, weather-wise. While it hasn’t been particularly rainy and wet, it has rained nearly every day. Often only a single sprinkle, sometimes a quick downpour. All-in-all, just enough to keep me from being able to do some additional painting on the boat that I’ve been hankering to get at. Having finished the deck non-slip which isn’t even visible, I wanted to get to the more obvious bits.

You (both of the regular readers) may remember that I repainted the roof just before installing the solar panels in 2019. I did what prep I thought necessary but some of the rust patches persisted and have begun to show through. For this reason, I have been grinding those spots down and applying a rust converter. This is a ‘paint’ that reacts with the iron oxide, turning into a more inert, hard, and paintable material. Then I could apply a couple of coats of the special non-slip roof paint. In order to keep it from looking patchy (the 2019 paint has faded somewhat) I had to paint the whole thing again!

Ignore the small black specks, I was moored under a tree!

I also had a serious need (and urge) to clean up the engine compartment. While the previous owner was living aboard, it seems that she didn’t move much, and had little interest in taking care of the outside or the engine. Here’s what I was dealing with:

First I scraped and wire brushed the surfaces, then applied the rust converter. It turns the surface blue and then black, relatively smooth, and quite hard:

Finally a couple of coats of bilge paint! I still have some spots to do but first have to do some degreasing. Under the engine and where I store my spare oil and fuel for instance. I’ve now got a huge jug of Gunk and I’ll be going at that shortly. Then I can get it finished, including some of the more difficult-to-reach nooks and crannies.

Someday I’ll have a go at the engine itself but that’s a whole other project! Sorry for the boring post, just wanted to get this into the ‘diary’. Not that I’ll forget, it has been a bit of a job…

Here’re some random pictures:

14 Replies to “Keeping busy”

  1. Lots of working getting done! I bet the payoff in satisfaction is huge. Your boat is looking great!!

    1. Thank you! Ya, it feels good to get her cleaned up a bit. Hope you guys are well? Skiing this weekend?

    1. Ya, I’m stoked with how it looks. Degreased and rust-converted the rest of it today, should have it all painted out by tomorrow.

    1. Lots of breaks Dennis! Cider, actually. Can’t beat the ciders over here… Hope you’re doing well?

  2. Well I for one enjoy these maintenance interludes. Makes me believe that it is not all fun and games for you Buddy. I like the before and after stuff. Good job. Keep em’ coming.

  3. Hi, well done with your engine, you were telling us all about it on the Llangollen when I passed you on my boat β€˜Wot No Wheels’! Hope you had a good night at Swanley and I look forward to keeping up with your adventures!

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