I made this quick and dirty video to try to show the boat, at least from the inside. Sorry about the quality, still working out what I can upload and what I can’t. I’ve had to reduce it quite a bit for bandwidth. But either way, have a look at my ‘new’ boat!

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  1. It’s amazing! More palatial then I expected (from she who grew up on gillnetters!)
    Best part of all is the sound of your much-missed voice 🙂

  2. Thanks Jill, as you might have guessed I’m pretty happy the way things are working out.

  3. Try H.265 compression for your videos. It will reduce the size and let you retain the video quality!

    1. Thanks Gord, I’ll look into that. What editing software do you suggest? All new to me…

  4. Doug,looks awesome. Once you get the accent down they could use you and the boat on an episode of Peaky Blinders…

  5. Easier than reducing / re-encoding your video – simply create a youtube account and toss your file full size there then use a youtube plugin for wordpress to put the embed on your site. All re-encoding will be done by the largest video provider in the world for free.

    1. Thanks Keven but the problem is the data usage uploading the original video. I’m really limited, I’d rather upload something smaller until I can get either WiFi or a better days plan!

    1. Thanks! To be fair, it does look better on video but I’m pretty happy with it. Outside really needs paint!

  6. Well done Doug, she looks great, just need to find a pub now!! all the best, Chris and Jules.

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