I had the opportunity to attend the Crick Boat Show (again thank you for the ride Jamie), the largest canal boat show in England. I hoped to learn lots about the narrowboat world but wasn’t really prepared for the whole experience! These people know how to party…meet new best friends. Chris, Julie, and Poppy, you <made> the weekend for me. Best.Time.Ever.


I decided to camp in order to really get into it. Little did I or anyone else anticipate the storm that was to hit on Sunday night. I’ve never in my life experienced such continuous thunder and lightening, and for so long. I managed to stay dry although the dance ‘floor’ wasn’t so lucky…


The show itself was a showcase for canal boats and all the ‘stuff’ that goes with them. New boats were everywhere, which I completely ignored. I didn’t go into a single boat, new or used. I am happy with my choice, I don’t want to see something that I wish I had or had bought instead. I did, however, buy a ton of stuff! It was a great place to pick up canal or boat-specific items like a windlass, tunnel light, mooring chains, LED bulbs, the list is endless. Good thing Jamie has a large boot (come on, you know what that is…).

Although some thought it was a smaller show than previous years, there were still a huge number of boats there. This is a short section of the adjoining Grand Union Canal looking toward the pub (that’s just how I orient myself now).



2 Replies to “New Friends, new adventures”

  1. seems with all the parties and pubs you should change your name to wet boater instead of dry boater.
    Great to see you’re having an excellent intro into the canal boating world
    Barry Peters

  2. Love it Navigation by Pub Brilliant you should write a book on your travels.. 🙂

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