Okay, so winter is still my favourite season. It’s really the only season. Spring, summer, and fall are just the long wait until winter comes again. However, since I’ve been doing the narrowboat ‘thing’, I’ve developed a new appreciation for the other seasons. I’ve actually begun to look forward to them. A bit. Well, quite a bit actually.

So, to recap. Winter (ski) season is now over. It was a strange one, as far as snow goes. In early December it looked like the skiing would start on a bit of man-made snow, just a couple of runs. Then, a few of days before the scheduled opening at Mt. Washington, the heavens opened and gave us the most spectacular December of snow we could have asked for. Light, fluffy powder, sunshine, all the good stuff. Then in early January, the spigot was suddenly turned off! Almost seven weeks of virtually no snow. But, and this is important, it was awesome too! Freeze-thaw (spring) conditions, where it’s cold overnight then gets soft and slushy during the day. A bit of a sleep-in, start skiing around 11 am and it was awesome! Sunshine and ‘hero’ snow. All good until toward the end of February, when the normal winter set in. Cold, windy, occasional dumps of West-Coast Powder (heavy and wet), all the usual. Kept the base up though, so as March ran on and the snowfalls ran out, we have been able to stay open. Limited runs and not much off-piste, but still loads of fun. Then a pretty momentous dump on the final weekend, which was predicted since the ski club had a big race scheduled. It never fails. Unfortunately for them, they had to cancel the dual slalom on Sunday…

People this winter has also been a bit of a change. I’ve seen all the usual characters, and have had a great time with them, but also have a new crew to hang with (does that sound cool?). Adam, Jessi, and David have been the daily, unavoidable team. Wow, we’ve had some fun.

The most important change however has been the addition of Rianne to my life. Along with her sons Cohen and Ayden, (and Zeus and Fishy) we settled into a relaxed, laid-back routine. I’m now known as “Rianne’s boyfriend”! Oh what a great season it’s been.

At present I’m starting to think about prepping for the summer on the boat in England. It appears to have survived the winter well (on the hard, as usual). The bilge pump had failed last year and has been replaced, but we can’t seem to source a new tachometer just yet. No big deal though, don’t really need one. New water filters installed, new mattress delivered, once there’s groceries aboard and she’s splashed, we’ll be ready to cruise.

The route this year is still very much under discussion. I’d like to go through the Standedge Tunnel (highest, deepest, and longest on the system), and I’m also planning on some touristy miles when Rianne (and possibly others) are visiting. We just have to do the Pontcysyltte Aqueduct! And up to Chester I think. It’s time to get the plans firmed up, right Guy?

Here’s a bunch of random pictures from the season, so much fun!

I’d just like to add a thanks everyone for an amazing birthday. Rianne and Troy for arranging a fun fire and party, Joye and Peter for the repeated (and repeated) renditions of “Happy Birthday” sung all over the mountain, and the whole crew for the amazing blanket commemorating the year. I was truly touched and am feeling incredibly loved.

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  1. What a fabulous update; thank you! We hope to welcome you all in The Shire again this year! In terms of the Winter ‘ending’ here’s a favourite phrase of mine I think you’ll both like “To make an end, is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from”…. Safe travels!

      1. All good here; recovering from the dreaded Covid! Suzie is fine too! You’re challenge is to get James on the boat again! Until then have fun!

        1. You too? We picked it up on the last weekend of the ski season. Not a problem though, multi-vaxxed so feels like a good old-fashioned cold. Hi to James, and hugs to Suzie…xx

  2. Thank you once again for the update! Always a pleasure to read. Look forward to reading about your boating adventures again soon too.

  3. I also want to thank you for the update. And congratulations on the new addition to your life. Enjoy and hope they like crushing this summer, what an experience. It sounds like your plans so far are exciting.

  4. Thanks for the update Doug. We’ll be on The Llangollen in August with our friends Vikki and Dave. Before that though we’ve chartered a Bavaria 34 for two weeks from 4th June cruising around Corfu. & Paxos. Can’t wait for that!

    1. Wow! Sounds like an amazing summer. Let me know when you’re on the Llangollen, I might be in the area!

  5. That’s great! Happy for you! I’d say you’ve had a successful transition into retirement!

  6. Hey Ole’ timer, good for you living large in retirement. Sounds like you got it all figured out and will soon be boating along over there. Make sure we can hook up when you’re down or certainly before you fly off.

  7. Thanks for the update Doug. We’ll be on The Llangollen in August with our friends Vikki and Dave. Before that though we’ve chartered a Bavaria 34 for two weeks from 4th June cruising around Corfu. & Paxos. Can’t wait for that!

  8. What a great life you’ve chosen – so refreshing to read. One day I hope we ‘bump into’ each other. We’ll be Nantwich way in June so you never know …

  9. Thanks for the update, Doug! Glad to hear all is well with you and things are going so great. stay safe on your non-winter adventures.

  10. Enjoyed reading your happy winter news!! Sorry we missed seeing you on the slopes this winter, next year for sure. Happy travels this summer!!

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