I’ve been asked lately where I disappeared to, if I was still in England or where? I hadn’t thought anyone was still reading these posts but apparently someone is! So here is the season wrap-up, in preparation for the snowy posts from the mountain (for both of you still reading).

Having left Llangollen, with many a backward, longing glance, I made a fairly quick run downstream. I stopped in several of my favourite spots and spent a couple of days in Whitchurch…

Leaving the Llangollen canal, I made the short run to Nantwich, one of my favourite towns in England. It’s pretty and quaint but also modern and bustling, has amazing architecture, and always seems to have some kind of market or event going on. And the always-awesome Phil and Angela live there!

After a nice few days resting and visiting, it was time to head back to my winter mooring. I slowly returned up the Llangollen, stopping for days at a time at lovely spots before finally going into the marina. It was the same location as last year, they have been very helpful and it’s a great spot. And close enough to some pubs for some visits!

Once the boat was winterized and put to bed (prepared for pulling out of the water for the winter), I headed to Epsom Downs for a fabulous wedding anniversary celebration with Cate and Bob! I had met them originally (with Guy and Rose) on the Kennett & Avon Canal when we did the infamous Caen Hill Flight together. It was a murder-mystery, and TONS of fun. A great way to end a short but fun summer boating season.

While at Epsom Downs, waiting for my flight home, I hopped a train into London for the day and revisited some favourite sights. I’m not fond of cities in general, but London is always amazing and worth the time.

It’s now nearing Christmas, snow has started to accumulate (and get rained away), and I can feel the ski season on the horizon. I’ll likely post some pictures once the runs are open, and perhaps a Christmas message to all. In the meantime, thanks for reading, even though it’s getting a bit repetitive. I’ll try to start livening it up! Take good care of yourselves and each other.

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  1. I had just looked for any posts from you today in case I for some reason had missed them. After we got back from dinner there you were. Thanks we do enjoy hearing what you have been up to. The Llangollen is such a pretty area, I haven’t been there but with the Vlogs and pictures from you boaters I would like to visit but not in the summer. Take care have a great Christmas.

    Sacramento, CA

  2. I have really enjoyed following your canal adventures, Cuz! Enjoy skiing the slopes once they’re open!!

  3. Hi mate, great to hear from you again and to see and hear about the place you have been and the people you have met along the way. One day I hope to be doing similar to you, 6 months in the UK on the Canal Network. The rest of the time outside of the UK, maybe Europe, US, Canada or even back home in good old Aussie. But that is all one day in the future. For now, again, thanks for keeping us informed and sharing time with us.
    May you and yours and all of your readers, have a wonderful Christmas and hopefully a better New Year than we have had so far.
    Stay Safe and Well.

  4. Great to see you last week in person!!! Thanks for the update always fun to follow your canal life and ski adventure!

    1. Hey thanks! Good to hear from you too… Hope all is well, and that you have the merriest of Christmases!

  5. Glad to get a notification of your most recent post. Sounds like you had another great canal adventure in England/Wales. After reading your post I realized that I missed several of the other posts you made during this trip. I checked my email and didn’t see any other notifications. Now I’m off to catch up with what I missed. Enjoy the Winter….

  6. Happy to hear you got to enjoy your adventures again this past summer and returned home safely. We spent 5 months in Madeira last year. Planning to travel back to Madeira in a month……if all goes as planned!
    Merry Christmas!

  7. Following you from Tasmania Australia. Our narrow boat is moored in Cheshire. Been coming over for last ten years. All the best. Keep safe. Jennifer and Peter nb Mactra’s Filia

    1. Thank you for reading the blog! Where in Cheshire is your boat? I love the area, have been there for a couple of summers now. Take good care!

  8. My wife and I came across your interview with Narrowboat experience today. Checked out your blog to see your at MT. Washington! We also live in Courtenay and you are doing what my wife and I dream of for our retirement. It’s a few years away for us still.

    1. Hi Jason! Stop by the main lodge once the season starts, I’m also a snow host on Tuesdays. Be great to chat…

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