I made it back into the historic and picturesque town of Llangollen. It’s a beautiful area and the town itself is a wonderful mix of tourist shops and local (real) stores and services. The canal runs along up on the hillside, most things in Wales appear to be perched on hillsides or the tops of ‘mountains’ (as someone from British Columbia, I use the term a bit loosely). It actually continues further upstream to where the River Dee splits off, or rather, where to the canal splits off the river. There’s a pretty park there, with a large, semi-circular weir to moderate the flow, called Horseshoe Falls.

Llangollen is a convenient spot (like Ellesmere) to catch up on domestic stuff. Groceries, laundry, hardware, etc. The basin is a good place to moor if there’s space and even though it costs a tiny bit, it includes electricity and water. The plug-in mains is nice when it’s a bit too cloudy to be completely reliant on solar. However, I’m usually fine with an hour or two of running the engine if necessary, which also provides another day’s worth of hot water.

While in town I was blessed with a visit from Juliett, whom I met in 2018 on the Kennet and Avon Canal. It was fantastic to catch up and hear about her exciting theatre life!

Sorry for the poor quality but the view of the river and train station is fantastic!

And this…

So refreshing after a run

Once leaving Llangollen, it was a pretty fast retracing of ‘steps’ back toward Ellesmere and points eastward. I took my time getting there so no reason to dawdle returning. I ran into an amazing person though, please think about supporting his causes. Graham Wilson is walking/running a marathon a day for 120 days, consecutively! He’s endeavouring to raise 500,000 pounds for various causes, please see his blog and social media posts under 120MarathonMan. What an inspiration!

120 Marathon Man, Graham Wilson

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  1. Hi Doug,
    I’m glad you made it up to Horseshoe Falls this time – I guess without a bike you needed to take the boat up as far as you could. We cycled there from Trevor last year as it was also the height of tourist season. It’s a great bike path! Was the horse drawn canal boat still operating?
    We were disappointed that the castle was closed last year. Is it open now? We walked down into the Llangollen town but found it insanely busy with tourists, and didn’t hang around. We’re back home now and have moved off our big wooden boat back to our house. Like you, we have decided to sell our boat, as having two to maintain is too much for Sandy – especially the wooden one. After 4 years, time to move back. When are you returning home?
    Hilary and Sandy

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