Now that the dreaded quarantine is finally over (and the partying) I have embarked on my fourth season cruising the inland waterways of England and Wales. It feels so good to be cruising again, to be free to travel left or right, wherever the canal points. I have chosen to stay on the Llangollen Canal, it’s familiar and truly my favourite part of the system so far.

I’ve been travelling for a few hours each morning, then mooring in a choice spot and staying for a couple of days. It’s very relaxed not having a planned route or destination, I’m loving it. I’m pretty sure that I’ll eventually make it to the upper end of the canal (at the town of Llangollen) but there’s no rush.

I’ve been getting some exercise, running along the towpath. I’m not much for running but it’s my best option right now to get ready for skiing. And at my age, I’d better be ready! I’ve also been working on making my new guitar sound less like a screaming Banshee. Now it sounds more like an annoying baby that needs changing. But it’ll come. I can almost feel the end of my fingers again, the callouses are coming along nicely.

I’m also very happy with the piano installation. It’s well out of the way, it sounds terrific (the tone, NOT the tunes), and has been a big help with learning the guitar. Running scales is easier with a known reference if that makes sense. Once my fingertips are fully recovered it’ll be easier to play… Lol

I’ve had some amazing and idyllic mooring locations, even though the canal has been very busy with so many people are doing the ‘staycation’ thing. But it’s not been a problem, they tend to be moving all day so my choice of moorage is wide open early on.

I even managed my first Sunday Roast of the trip. The pub was about 30 minutes walk away but well worth it. Amazing food, such a treat. The stuffed portabello was incredible.

The country lane was fun too, narrow and twisting but very few cars.
With bystanders.

I managed to reach Ellesmere, my first ‘goal’. It’s a great little canal town, with lots of amenities. I’ve been here in the past, in fact, some might remember the horrific night I had here two years ago. I’ve had that on my mind almost constantly, having to walk past the spot every time I leave the boat. A rather strange coincidence happened when I arrived…I was sitting in the evening and thinking about it so I walked down to where it happened. At that precise moment, I got a text that I had received the commendation from the Royal Humane Society in the mail. As I was standing thinking about what happened. Almost got shivers…if I believed in stuff like that.

Otherwise in Ellesmere…

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my time back here on the boat and just pottering along at my own pace. I’ve said it numerous times, it’s a wonderful and relaxing life, full of freedom. I miss lots of things (and people) back home, but that just makes them all the more precious.

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  1. Thanks for the update. Very interesting. We follow lots of YouTube boaters on the canals. Most of them are very well done. Can’t imagine the time needed to do all the editing. Your story hits a particular cord with us since you’re actually doing what we’d like to do. Spending a few months of the year in the U.K. (and on a narrowboat) would be terrific. Three months has been our longest stay but never on the canals. Look forward to your first YouTube post on this trip. Don’t worry about the fancy editing. Just some raw footage would be great.
    Doug East (Colorado)

    1. Okay, Doug… I’ll get on that! I know how much time and effort those vloggers spend on their videos, I’m lucky if I remember to get a photo! Thanks for the kind words…

    1. Thank you. Yes, this is a kind of freedom available to few, I feel privileged. And thankful. Also for portobellos. 😂

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