First and foremost, I’d like to extend the hope that my friends, family, and all of our loved ones are healthy and remain that way. All other considerations are a distant second. 

At this uncertain and increasingly difficult time, we must all pull together (with appropriate social distancing!) to get through what is a strange and scary event. I have faith in our health care professionals and the systems they are putting in place to keep us as safe as possible. If there is anything I can do to help anyone here on Vancouver Island (I’m presently still up the mountain), please let me know. And yes, I have enough toilet paper and pasta. And wine.

As for my cruising plan for the UK (since that’s what this blog is about, after all!), it’s completely up in the air. The original plan was to go over in early May but it’s likely that’ll be delayed if not cancelled all together. Right now the issue is that at present I’d have no health coverage since the Canadian government has issued a warning against all international travel. It’s a strange situation; my insurance will not cover me even though I bought my tickets and the insurance before the announced restrictions, but I can’t get my money  back for the insurance that I may no longer need and won’t even cover me! Hopefully they’ll figure that out.

Now, in addition to all that, Mt. Washington has just suspended its ski season. It’s not likely they’ll open again but as always, I live in hope. It’s more than a bit disappointing as the weather forecast says it’ll be the best spring skiing in years! I’m very thankful for the last few days with great friends and awesome conditions, and for a successful season (no injuries). This sudden closure is just another aspect of a very strange winter. I’ll be staying up here since there’s nowhere more beautiful to be anyway. I’m getting significant pressure from some old friends to go mountain biking with them, and I’m running out of excuses! Maybe the next post will be about a different sort of mountain sport. Or I’ll be back on my favorite crutches.

This is how they try to convince me.

As I said, it’s so beautiful up here. When I got up this morning and looked out, the moon was hanging over the sun-touched mountains and it took my breath away. I never get used to it, and I never take it for granted.


Finally, here are some memories of the season…



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3 Replies to “Strange times…”

  1. We have a ticket for June 13, and are in the same situation, Doug. However, being a Brit and having a British passport, I at least have coverage in England. Curiously, the last time I needed medical coverage in England, they never asked to see it. Whether the flights will be cancelled are another thing.
    At least we live on our 50 foot boat here, and if our British trip is cancelled, we’ll cruise the Canadian waters. It’s all good!
    Fingers crossed,

  2. Many, many people in the same boat! (Sorry, couldn’t resist!) Our trip to England this year also postponed, and we’re stuck here in the Okanagan! Luckily we also have our beautiful ski resort, Big White, and have been able to spend happy hours up there. Happy travels! Dee.

    1. Yes…we’re the lucky ones, having such beautiful places to ‘wait’. I just moved off Mt. Washington but will be going back if I have to spend part of the summer here. I’ve skied many times at Big White, loved it.

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