I haven’t posted much lately, it was a bit of a slow homecoming. I knew I’d have over a month before the ski season started, which turned out to be true, but it was a long month (and turned out to be even longer than that). I moved up the mountain right away and it was fantastic weather for hiking and scenery but not so good for the ski season. There was no significant snow until well into December so opening day was a couple of weeks late.


Mt. Washington Resort has installed snow-making, but even with the cold temperatures not much snow was produced. Like so often happens in construction, they had to  wait for several inspections and certificates. Once that occurred, they were able to make some snow but it had started naturally by then.


Meanwhile, I’ve got lots of writing done, been looking at the piano occasionally, and have bought a gym membership. Maybe I’ll even go there today. Or tomorrow. Ya, tomorrow…

With some poor weather now and then, I’ve been going through my photos and videos. Up to now I haven’t posted many videos, mostly because I’m not good at taking and editing it! I do have quite a bit, some of it quite interesting so if anyone would like to suffer through it let me know and I’ll post some on my YouTube channel.

I’ve also had an article published in Waterways World, check out the February issue. There might be more to come.

For my boating readers, my apologies for no boating talk. I miss the boat, and the canal life, more than I thought I would. It’s become such a big part of my life that I feel strange being back on land for so long. But skiing daily helps, I love this part of my life too.

One more thing, if you’ve read this far please leave me a comment or message. It would really help me if I knew that there are still people interested!

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  1. Hi, still here, still reading! Hope to bump into you on the K and A again sometime, we met you in the early days of your adventure near Newbury, our boat was Pandora. Always interested (and slightly envious)

    Happy skiing!!


  2. Nice to hear how you’re doing – and that you’ll presumably be back👍👍. Any chance you can post the article??

  3. Hi Doug, yes I always read your posts.
    We are back home now in Canada, and have left instructions for work to be done on our canal boat.

    Our last concert before we head over is June 13, and we’ll be parking our boat for the summer and heading over to Sawley Marina in Nottingham. Because we have paid for Moorage until the end of June, and because they have reciprocal moorings in many parts of England, we’re taking it down to Newark on the Trent River. My former sis in law lives there and we can stay there while We get our supplies. We’ll head off from there.

    Our boat has been renamed:
    CORNIDUO, as we are both horn players (horn duo). Corni is Italian for horn.
    See you on the cut maybe! Let’s keep each other posted!
    Hilary and Norman (Sandy) Sandford

    1. Thanks Hilary, sure hope we can meet up. I’ll be posting my plans and approximate dates, we’ll try to sort something out.

  4. Always enjoy reading your blog! You said you are doing lots of writing what kinds of thing are you writing !
    Could you post or send me a link to your article

  5. Hi Doug,
    Greetings from La Jolla! I always enjoy receiving your updates and photos, and learning about your latest adventures. It’s been interesting to learn about your new life on a narrow boat. We miss you in Sidney, but it is wonderful to see you living your dreams and enjoying it so much. Hope you will keep writing and sharing it with us.
    Many thanks, Leslie

    1. Hi Leslie! Great to hear from you, and thank you for the kind words. I miss you guys, and I’m sorry about selling the boat! I’ll keep in touch from the UK, don’t be shy about coming to visit! xo

  6. Hi Doug,
    Always interested in reading the blog and seeing your pictures.
    Looking forward to catching up with you on the cut in the summer
    Cate & Bob x

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