So I’m still on the Llangollen Canal. I’ve now been over the Pontcysyltte Aqueduct eight times! I do love it up here but it might be time to explore further afield. I’ve also loved the time with all my guests, including the latest, Mel and Kate. They are fellow Snow Hosts from Mt. Washington (or, as my son calls us: The Walmart Greeters of the Mountain) and stayed with me on the boat for several sunny and fun days. I’ve actually posted my first YouTube video, a side-trip we did on a steam train:

Click here to watch Llangollen Steam Train on YouTube

Don’t judge it too harshly, I had to use a tablet and it was very slow so didn’t do a lot of editing.

We also did all the usual stuff, including the Chirk Castle, pub(s), a BBQ, and of course some cruising…

Kate getting into the swing of things
This was a real mill, the waterwheel is still there and the mechanisms have been incorporated into the decor of the pub
Ran into other cruising friends (Grant, Sue, and Brindley) so they joined us for the BBQ


Everyone had a turn at the helm, including an awesome job winding (turning around) by Mel (but no pictures of that)
Very sad to see them off but they’re continuing their UK adventures for a few more weeks

The end of this season’s cruising is fast approaching. One more adventure (weather-dependent) before getting into the marina for a mandatory inspection (mostly gas safety stuff) and winterising. I’ll also have a few days for some sightseeing before flying home, so maybe there’ll be another blog post. I hope everyone is getting ready for a great winter, THINK SNOW!


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  1. Hi Doug,
    We haven’t yet booked our flights to Old Blighty, as Sandy (husband) has no clear timeline finishing repairs and upgrading on our big old Monk McQueen here in Sidney. Looking forward to a conversation with you when you get home to where the paper currency is all the same size!

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