Chester is an ancient city, established by the Romans around 74 AD. It’s situated on the River Dee, although in Roman times it was a shipping port as the ocean came much closer to the city walls. Surrounding nearly the entire city is a high stone wall and walkway, the most complete in all of Britain. It’s approximately 3 kilometres around, broken only for about 100m. There are seven gates into the city, and several towers. The Eastgate Clock is the second-most photographed clock in Britain (after only the Elizabeth Tower – Big Ben – in London). There, some facts to show I’ve done my homework.

In addition to the famous wall, Chester is known for it’s ‘rows’, covered walkways with storefronts. Shoppers can walk long stretches of the main streets one floor up and completely under cover…a nice touch in this often rainy area.

While I was in the area, I left the boat in a marina and was treated to a visit with Wendy in Birkenhead (across the Mersey River from Liverpool). I got to visit her lovely family and friends, did some sightseeing in Liverpool, and finally learned how the scoring in cricket works! Some of it anyways. Oh, and don’t let the apparent sunshine and blue sky in Liverpool fool you, it rained at least twice that day.

Upon my return to the boat, I headed back south along the Shropshire Union canal. At one of the locks I happened to notice a memorial bench, and had a closer look…

I guess it’s a popular spot…

Further on I was fortunate to find the last mooring spot near the town of Nantwich. This is a remarkable and beautiful town, full of crooked but well-maintained Tudor buildings. And lots and lots of pubs. While I was there, they had an amazing Food Festival on, hundreds of vendors with marquees everywhere. The parish church was also one of the most elegant I’ve seen, called by some the finest medieval church in all of England. Originating in the 14th century, much of the woodwork in the quire is original. The stained glass isn’t however, most of  it was lost during or after the reformation.

Just a final note, I’m embarrassed to say that I now have a new phone, and with it a temporary number. Once I get a SIM sent out I’ll be able to go back to the same UK phone number I had before (in case anyone tries to call or WhatsApp). I seem to have a sad history of chucking phones into the water off the stern of boats. That’s three now, although I did two at one time previously. I’m still in the process of recovering photos and video from the cloud, luckily they were all uploaded in real time. I’ll post more pictures as I download them. If anyone wants me to contact them with the new number, just leave a comment.


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  1. I love Chester! We’ll be meeting up there with a band from Delta to play a concert with them next summer. Thanks for the info on Nantwich, Doug. We’ll check it out too.

    1. Yes, do check out Nantwich. Especially if you can time it for one of their festivals. Oh, and I just heard that Thursday nights you can learn to play the bells at the church. I might stick around for that one…

    1. Oh, the phone saga. The new-old sim card has been received, I just need to get to the marina to pick it up. How are you?

  2. Just spent yesterday and this morning re reading your blogs from the beginning last year.
    I gotta tell you it seems like 2 years and not 2 months since I was there with you.
    I haven’t felt so relaxed in years as I did on my week with you on Cool Change.
    Looking forward to the next one!

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