I’m well on my way now up the Macclesfield Canal toward the Huddersfield Narrow Canal, which I have decided is my choice to reach Leeds. It’s been a fairly uneventful passage, even the weather isn’t worth much note. I’ve had rain (while on the Bosley Flight, of course), sun, and wind. I’ve not had, however, the predicted thunderstorms. Seems the UK weather forecasts are much like Canada’s…not to be trusted. I have had some nice moorings, including this pretty place on top of an aquaduct, right over a pub!


And in that pub I met a boatload of Aussies (and a couple of Kiwis) that were touring around. We had a great evening together comparing national traits and systems, and generally trashing everyone that wasn’t from Canada, New, Zealand, Australia, or the UK.


I have to mention Alan (on the left in the photo), he gave me the coolest hat! I’m going to be sending him some Canadiana when I get home!

The Macclesfield seems to have more ‘roving bridges’ than any other canal. For some reason the towpath occasionally changes sides, and back in the day they built these bridges so the horses that were towing the barges could also change sides but not have to be unhitched. They are simple but very elegant, and I was quite taken with them…

Speaking of aquaducts, here’s the Dane Aquaduct (over the River Dane, obviously). It was pretty impressive from below, even if I had to jump some fences and dodge some sheep to get there!


And, some more random photos…

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