So I’m all settled back in Canada. I’m in Sidney now, more or less waiting until the ski season starts, when I will move up the mountain for the winter. In the meantime, I’ll work on the sailboat, on my condo, and on my growing yearning to get back on the canals (yes, already). It’s going to be a long winter.

Ever since I left the boat and flew home, I’ve been analysing my feelings. I’ve come up with the one word that best describes what I felt while on the narrowboat, cruising the canals. Contended. I guess it’s a bit dramatic but in so many ways that’s the word that comes to mind whenever I cast my mind back to the hours of quietly coasting along a tree-lined, remote bit of canal. As I wrote in one of the early posts after leaving the marina for the first time, I have become convinced that this was what I am meant to be doing at this point in my life.

I feel very fortunate to have found something that is so right for me. I’ve only had a few things in my life that gave me that feeling…the birth of my son is of course the best of those. Very few people are as lucky as I’ve been.

I would again like to thank everyone for the support and great comments I’ve received for the adventure itself, and for the blog that has documented it. I was a bit hesitant to write so much about myself at first (it’s still a bit odd to me) but have received so much encouragement and postive feedback that I’m glad that I managed to continue. I haven’t decided if I’ll keep it going next summer, maybe let me know what you think? Bored yet?

While I was in England, I had limited internet access and was generally unable to post many pictures, and almost no video. I have some videos that I wanted to share, so I’ll include them here. They’re quite out of order but I hope you like them! If I ever get better at video or photo editing, I might add more later. I should have lots of quiet evenings up the mountain to try.

In the meantime, have a great winter everyone and keep in touch.








21 Replies to “A final post for the (boating) season”

  1. Fantastic videos, Doug! It really feels like we are along for the ride with you! Thank you for sharing this amazing journey you been on, cousin!

    1. Thanks Cheryl, I’ve got more videos but I need to learn more about editting. Some are pretty sketchy!

  2. Loved following you on your traveling adventures. Look forward to you sharing with us😍 Stop in while you are on the Island💕

  3. Doug, It has been great following you and I am so happy to hear you are enjoying life so much. Would love to keep hearing about your journey. 🤗

  4. Hi Doug,
    I certainly understand your feeling of contentment – I have experience it for so many hours on the canals. This time next year my husband Sandy and I will be going over to England to trade in the canal boat my daughter has been living on for the past couple of years, while working on her doctorate in London. Although the boat fits her needs, we will require more room, more luxury, proper heating, a proper bed (reverse layout) and generally a nicer boat! We plan on staying over from 4-6 months every year, to gradually revisit the entire canal system. We will have the luxury of time, as do you. Maybe we’ll meet up somewhere on one of the canals. Let’s keep in touch!

    1. Congratulations on that decision! Hopefully we’ll meet up, I plan on being very flexible in my routing. I’ll be starting from near Crick after the boat show, will you be there?

  5. It has been great fun to follow your adventures and learn about a completely different way of cruising. Please continue the blog with your wonderful writing, photos and videos. Congrats on pursuing your dreams and finding such happiness.

  6. It’s truly inspiring, Doug, to read about someone fulfilling a dream. And the word you used to describe your feelings is what we all aspire to… contentment. Thank you 🙏

  7. Doug, Don’t Stop!
    I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog!
    You have a gift for writing that both entertains and keeps ones interest.
    I envy your travelling spirit. What a great adventure. 🙂
    Take Care Cuz

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