I’ve spent a couple of days here, it’s a great mooring and lovely town. I’ve also had the great company of “Into the Blue” and haven’t wanted to leave! I do want to continue to Bath soon however, but in the meantime it’s a great place to relax and let the bit of rain pass.

The town has a ‘Tithe Barn”, built at the old abbey. It was the location where the surrounding ‘serfs’ and others would bring the tithe to pay the church. It’s really quite huge, a very impressive building that must have held an immense amount of food (wealth). There were some archeologists photographing mason’s marks and other engraved images on many of the building stones.



And, some pubs…

I spent part of Sunday strolling around the town, attempting to visit some churches. Wouldn’t you know it, they were busy. People were in them, using them for what they were built for (on a Sunday!). I’ll have to go back later to get photos. A couple were empty however, including a very old Saxon church, possibly dating from the 8th century.



Across the road from that was Holy Trinity, where organ music was emanating. I peeked in the door and realized it was, in fact, totally empty except for the organist. I got some video but unfortunately I can’t upload it yet.


It too dates back a bit, but not nearly as far…


Holy Trinity Church Bradford on Avon.mp4_snapshot_00.18_[2018.06.17_14.06.47]


Holy Trinity Church Bradford on Avon.mp4_snapshot_00.44_[2018.06.17_14.07.33]

The Avon River runs through town (obviously), with it’s beautiful six arch bridge and chapel. The chapel was turned into the town jail (gaol) at one time, now it’s unused. The town rises in the background, and it’s very steep.


Tomorrow I hope to reach Bath…



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