I left Newbury this morning after checking out the local Saturday market. The fresh veggies looked great! (if you’re into that sort of thing). Nina, you’d have drooled, except yours are probably even better, right?


Leaving Newbury through the heart of the town was a treat, it’s so intimate with the canal. The only reason the town originally existed was the canal so I guess that makes sense.


As I wended my way through some of the most beautiful countryside ever, I kept coming upon even more idyllic locations. None surpassed Copse Lock though. Peaceful and shaded, it was the epitome of the tranquil, idyllic image of the canal system.


I travelled much of the day with another lovely couple (and their dog of course!), it was so awesome to meet them and share the route. It really was so much easier with their help, and I always love making new friends.  And I suspect Ollie’s tail NEVER stops wagging.

Then as I came around a corner, THIS happened:

This is how the canals used to be, and why there’s a ‘tow path’ along the whole route. It’s a day hire boat, and they all looked like they were having a great time! Except perhaps the horse, but it kept stopping to chew the grass along the way so seemed to be on its own schedule anyway.

I’ve got a great mooring for the night in Kintbury, a village that’s quite popular on this part of the Kennet & Avon Canal. And, of course, to end the day….



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  1. Hi, it was great to travel with you too. Will be looking forward to your next adventures and seeing what you think of Hungerford.. There’s a couple of nice pubs there! You can start at one end of the high street and drink your way to the other!! Enjoy your journey. From both of us and Ollie-dog… Who has finally gone to sleep!!

  2. Hi Andrew,
    We were on the Thames last October and found it very calm. We were surprised that you found it turbulent, even in the tidal section between Teddington and Brentford. You will find more and more delightful and tranquil spots as you go!

    1. Hey Rob! It’s so damn narrow that it’s really easy to just lean over and look up the side! Also the cabin roof goes almost to the bow so it’s not hard to judge. How’s the hike going? I just ran into some people the other day that are doing it this week. Sounds pretty daunting actually…good for you guys!

  3. I suppose it is like having a long hood on a car. Still seems daunt8ng to me. We start our last day today, capping off a dry trip for us…which everyone says is unheard of. Can’t wait for the end of day/trip pints.

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