Just a quick note today. Nothing much to report. Spent the whole day at a lock landing near where I started, seems I had water in the fuel. I got it sorted eventually, and I am now at a pub. I was lucky it happened while in a lock and not fighting the current next to a weir or something (those are scary places where the canal overflow runs down and can suck the boat sideways if you don’t pay attention). But seriously? The pub was just a mile up the canal! Why couldn’t it have waited just another few minutes? But it was an awfully pleasant spot to spend the day in the engine compartment. And not as hot as yesterday so it was really a perfect ‘repair’ day.


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  1. You’re so fortunate that you found out about the water in the fuel line when you did! Sure nice to celebrate/drown your sorrows/chill out/(insert whatever excuse) at pubs so close to the waterways wherever you are, lol! Sure enjoying your adventure updates, Cuz!

    1. Thanks Cheryl, yes I’ve been lucky on multiple fronts. Glad you’re enjoying my verbal meanderings…

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