Seems that other than cleaning and buying stuff, the big news is the wildlife around here. The swans’ eggs have all hatched, I think there’s nine! They’re mostly huddled togethers and so fuzzy it’s hard to tell. Three have been in swimming, once they’re all in the water I’ll get a better look.


The coots are still sitting, they should be hatching soon too I assume. I’ve never seen a baby coot (cootlet?), something to look forward too.

Coot nesting

Bad news for the Canada Geese though. Yesterday there were four goslings, but just two this morning. Someone told me yesterday that the pike get them. Quite sad actually, they are really cute.

Two Goslings

Several other species around; mallards, mergansers, kites, stupid singing shitheads that start at 4:00 AM, kitty cats, and dogs galore.

Went for my first ‘cruise’ today. Moved over to the pumpout, with a little help from Dave and Bob. I guess they didn’t trust me to not bash my way there and back on my own! It went well, no damage and I got back into my slip without incident. I feel ready to go now! The next big hurdle is doing my first lock… I’ll be going to a big boat show on the upcoming ‘Bank Holiday” (long weekend) where I’ve signed up for a boat-handling course. I’ll be a true expert after that, I’m sure!

Driving one of these things is remarkably like pushing a pencil.


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  1. You will enjoy the Bingley 5-rise on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal. Five connecting locks that rise nearly 70 feet almost straight up – rather like salmon ladders. This is one of the 7 wonders of the canal boast world.(Lock keeper controls them so you will be able to relax a little!)

  2. Living the dream, Doug! You are boldly embracing that British phrase “daring do” in taking on this life adventure…kudos to you! Lucky Sod! I’m staining my fence. Who has the right idea about retirement? Ha!

  3. Good to see you are at one with nature at all hours. Make sure you don’t have a gin before you go on your boat drivers course, may help if you can see and not have beer goggle eyes!!! Enjoy

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