The big day has finally come. I have signed all the papers and taken possession at long last. Wendy helped me load everything aboard, and then also helped with the somewhat Herculean task of cleaning! Not to put too fine a point on it, it needed a good scrubbing. It seems like it’s been sitting for a while so needed a good airing and wash down. Well along on that now, she’s liveable and snug. I’ve been testing the systems, everything works well (as the survey said). I have heat and power, the stove works great, water is good (still flushing to make it fresher). All in all I’m a happy guy! A little celebratory bacon and Prosecco was in order!

20180517_193510 (1024x768)

The next job is to pick up some ‘essentials’, like a TV and WiFi router. I’ll have to use a SIM router and get a big data plan but that’s pretty cheap over here (compared to home). Paint and varnish, cordless sander, sanding disks, the list is nearly endless! It’s a bit of a problem with transport, the marina is about an hour’s walk from town. I’ll be researching bus options today. Uber is good too, about £10, if I’ve got lots of stuff. In addition, Jamie my broker has offered to drive me in whenever I need a lift. He’s been awesome, very helpful. Most of the bigger stuff I’ll order online and have delivered here to the marina.

My neighbours are a pair of swans with about 4 eggs, she’s been sitting since I got here (unless ‘he’ takes a turn, I can’t tell). I suspect the eggs must be getting close to hatching, seems pretty late. That’s me on the left, NOT the red one. If you look closely, it actually has shrubbery growing on the fenders.

20180516_164258 (1024x768)

Other neighbours (actual humans) are a very friendly lot, it’s a great little community here. I suspect that I’ll be sorry to leave, but I’m getting pretty anxious to start cruising. Once my deliveries have arrived I’ll be free to go!





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  1. Sounds wonderful Doug. If you are still around next Saturday in (Reading)….maybe we could meet up for a coffee. I’m on the Isle of Mull in Scotland on a yoga retreat. It’s incredibly beautiful here. Light & Oms Susan 🌻

    1. Hi Susan! I’ll be at the Crick boat show next weekend. Sorry! I’m not sure how long I’ll stay in the marina after that, I’m getting anxious to start cruising. Let me know if there’s anything room that’s good for you. I have no transportation though!

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