I think the die is cast, resignation is submitted. Once it is accepted, I can start the retirement procedures and the path to the rest of my life. It’s certainly not the way I wanted to leave my career of 33 years, but it’ll do. I have plans, I have dreams, I have ideas. What more do I need?

For the narrowboat readers, I’ll be looking for a 50-60’ boat. I’ve made my first serious overtures to brokers in England to start looking for an acceptable boat. I’ve not decided about lots of details; trad or semi-trad? Cruiser? Reverse layout? So many decisions and options. I know what I’d like but don’t want to limit myself too much until I can actually get aboard  a few boats. Some things I really do want include sleeping space for at least 4 people. I want some of my Canadian friends to come and visit! A dinette would be great  (and usually easily makes into a bunk for two). Additionally, not crazy about a walk-through bathroom, would look seriously at reverse layout, solar power is a plus, and central heating (including water heating) is a must.

I’ve been having a blast with Canalplan.eu! I have no idea how realistic the cruising times are but I at least have a good idea how far I can cruise over the season. Some things have been eliminated from the plan, some added. I’ll share more down the road…or down the canal I suppose.