Here we are once again! I’ve made the long trip to the boat on the inland waterways of Britain. Just to catch things up, this is my fifth summer cruising my Narrowboat Cool Change, although the last couple of years were cut short (you remember the last couple of years, right?). I’m hoping to travel a bit more this season, and have some special guests aboard too!

The flights over were fine but the train/tube/train/cab to get to the boat was a bit of a nightmare. I’m going to be looking a a new route! The train from Gatwick into London was delayed, which meant that I missed my connection from London to Crewe. I rebooked on the next express (for twice the cost) but as the departure time ticked away, we got an announcement: “this train has been cancelled”. Seriously, as we all sat on the train, they told us it was cancelled, we’re on our own. I ran across the platform and jumped on the next train going to Crewe but it turned out to be a milk run. Stopped EVERYWHERE. Took hours… Finally made it though…and slept for 12 straight hours.

All systems had been started up and checked out by Mick, my awesome engineer and fix-it person. It didn’t take long to have things unpacked, have groceries delivered, and be ready to head out on the system. One of the first jobs, however, was to check out last year’s Damson gin (and vodka).

Wow, this stuff is amazing!

While I was preparing the boat, I had some fantastic visits. Wendy and her beautiful family took me out for a Sunday Roast at a nearby pub, it was truly lovely to see them all and reconnect. We even got out onto the canal for a bit!

I also had a great visit with Phil, my good friend from Nantwich. Another day, another pub!

I eventually got all the little jobs done, settled up my bill, and headed out! Stay tuned for my first destination, coming up soon…

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  1. We’ll have to expand your flying options. Manchester? although I had an adventure with cancelled train too getting TO the airport LOL
    Keep the posts coming!

    1. I’m going to try Air Canada again, they fly into Manchester. Longer flights and more stops but better than that’s train snafo. We’ll see…

  2. Have too much fun! We finally got out in our boat this past weekend. Looking forward to a fun filled summer. Wishing you all the best!

  3. Have fun Doug ! We are visiting Eric from July 16 to July 23 leaving with Eric and Lisa on the 23 for Greece for a week then off to Portugal to visit friends ❀️

    1. Will we be able to get together? Seems strange to have to go to England to see each other! Lol…

  4. Hi Doug,
    Why didn’t you fly to Heathrow? We flew to Vancouver and direct to Heathrow, caught the tube to Kings Cross/St Pancras in one hour, purchased tickets to Derby for 91 pounds (total) and were there in 1 3/4 hours. A 12 pound taxi ride to Stenson Marina and the whole trip took only 3 3/4 hours from Heathrow. Smooth as butter.
    We are now in Evesham on the lower Avon River, having come down to Stratford for three nights in the basin, and tomorrow carrying on to Tewksbury, then probably on to Gloucester. We might park the boat for a couple of days and visit some of the Cotswolds. I did the Cotswolds walk with my three daughters a few years ago, but Sandy hasn’t seen any of them yet. so we’ll probably get an Air BnB or take the bus and our bicycles and do day trips.
    Anyway, weather is good – have fun and keep up the postings!
    Hilary and Sandy

    1. It’s usually a simple trip! I prefer Gatwick, it’s way less stress than Heathrow…

  5. Do you have a new email address, Doug? I tried to send and email to you and back it bounced…

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