Even after the winter on snow, getting back into the groove of the canals has been easy. It does require a slowing of expectations to return to 3 miles per hour (not that I ski fast) but the pace is the best part of it. Robbie has embraced some aspects of this life, mostly the locks (something to do?), he’s really enjoying them and often helps out other boats.


On the way from Foxton south to Crick we had some cool evenings, and as luck would have it the furnace quit working. No problem, we just picked up some coal and lit the stove!


We managed to stop at Crick on a Sunday so couldn’t miss getting a Sunday Roast at a local pub (noticing a theme here?).


Now, before anyone makes any comments, I will say I ate all the ‘real’ food on the plate.


I should also mention that this particular pub would have been perfect for Pip…


After leaving Crick, we went south along the Grand Union Canal as far as Weedon to connect with some wonderful people we (myself, Peter, and Jill) met last year over on the Hatton flight. Martyn and Amanda drove down and joined Robbie and I for a great dinner and a catch-up at one of Weedon’s four pubs (almost within sight of each other). Another amazing time was had…


(I’ll work on my selfie technique).

So to catch you up on my location a bit, here’s a couple of tracks to follow…

We’re now heading back toward a marina where we’ll leave the boat for a few days to go down to London to do some touristing…this should be fun!


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6 Replies to “Back and Forth”

  1. I see that you have embraced the Relive app. It puts a good perspective on your travels, especially since most of us don’t know where the canals take you. I like it!

  2. Looks boring. I spent last week weighing vessels of water repeatedly. I even got to empty them and watch them dry before I could weigh them again. It got really fucking exciting when static started building up inside the balance and the weight measurements were unstable. It was thrilling and really difficult to get an accurate weight. You might not believe this but it got so insane that I bought an antic static mat complete with a premium wrist strap (softer than the standard one but only a few bucks more!) to ground myself so that I didn’t get a shock. I don’t know that I could have handled that much more stimulation so I played it safe. Sickest week.

    1. Wow, way too much for one week. You deserve a break, take some time and recover. I really feel like I’m missing out, nothing that exciting ever happens to me… I mean, a premium wrist strap? Just, wow.

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