At the end of the previous post, you’ll remember that I was going to meander across to the winter mooring location near Market Harborough. While at Saltisford and I got word that a tragic event had occurred back home and I needed to return to Canada. I left immediately and managed to make it to Debdale Wharf Marina in about 5 days. It was an easy if hurried trip. The weather cooperated and I was able to find good moorings even late each day. Here is my penultimate location, one of my favorites of the whole summer…


The last travel day found me at the Foxton Locks, a flight of 10 locks situated in two 5-lock staircases (where the locks are connected without a ‘pound’ between them). It was a busy day so took me quite a long time but the wonderful volunteers did all the work, allowing me to stay aboard and just drive through. It was quite intimidating going down a staircase since when departing a lock I wasn’t able to see anything ahead except the valley in the distance…

Looking backwards it gives you an indication of the height change through each lock.


I spent so long coming down this flight that I actually made friends with many of the sightseers enjoying the day.


Once below the flight I moored up on the canal-side for the last time (this year). It was a pleasant spot, near a couple of pubs. In fact, I learned that one had a washer and dryer so I was able to spend the day in a pub doing chores!



Once the ‘chores’ were done, it was time to moor up for the winter. The boat will be winterized and hauled out in the next couple of weeks. I feel it’s in safe hands but it was a bit tough to leave.


I’ll do one more blog post in the coming days now that I’m back in Canada and have decent internet, I’ve got more pictures and video to share.

Thank you everyone for reading the blog, it’s been fun to keep a record of this adventure. It has truly been an amazing time, one that I’m incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to experience. The things I’ve seen and experienced will stay with me forever, but more important are the friendships I’ve made. They are even more valuable. I’ve met some of the best people ever and I feel so lucky to have added so greatly to my circle of very close friends. Thank you all.

I’ll be back next year without a doubt.

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  1. Hi Doug,
    Iff you get a chance next season, go into Wigan (I think on the Leeds and Liverpool). There are 18 locks going into Wigan Pier (no pier, however). I think I already told you. It’s a fun day if you raft on, as we had to to save water, with three other boats. We all had a ball!
    We’ve moved off our boat for several months, into an apartment. I had a new hip yesterday, so climbing in and out of a boat is out of the question.
    Hip Hilary

    1. My plans at present are to head to the Leeds-Liverpool next year so I’ll probably go through Wigan, I’ll plan on hanging out, sounds like fun! I hope you heal quickly, stay in touch and let me know how it goes?

  2. Hi Doug
    Shame you had to go home earlier than planned, we hope everything is OK. Hope to meet up with you again ‘on the Cut’ next year!
    Derek (who fell in at Saltisford) and Jayne

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